Tutorial Google URL Shortener

Hoy te traigo un pequeño tutorial sobre la herramienta Google Url Shortener la cual te permitirá acortar los enlaces de tu página web o redes sociales.

Podrás acortar la url y llevar una estadística de todos los clicks que reciba dicho enlace en cualquier lugar donde sea publicado e insertado.


Url oficial

Tutorial completo acortadores de enlaces


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  1. Hello there ,
    I’m sorry I don’t speak Spanish, but I think this can be helpful to your users.
    I was reading your page when I saw you mentioned goo.gl/ here: davidibiza.com/tutorial-google-url-shortener/
    This is a great tool when you need to shorten a link, but as a user, sometimes I’m afraid to open these links because I’m not sure where it goes and if the site is safe. I found a tool that helped me out a few times and makes me more confident clicking on these links:
    I’m sure that your users will appreciate if you add that tool to your page and allow them to avoid annoying situations 🙂
    I hope I helped back,

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